How do you know which cloud solutions are appropriate for your business? And is Microsoft Office 365 one of them?

At Excellimore, we’ve been working with Microsoft Office 365 since it was launched in 2009, and we’ve helped over 30 of our clients choose the best cloud services for their business.

Expertise, reassurance and advice

Microsoft Office 365 can be confusing, especially since Microsoft extended the Office 365 brand to include Office desktop software products. The core Exchange Online service is typically the most reliable and secure email system available for business, but deciding which of the other services and subscriptions are appropriate can be difficult. Faced with this scenario, we provide the expertise, reassurance and advice to ensure our customers make the right decisions.

The first step is to define your business needs to ensure that commercial and operational benefits will be realised from moving your technology to the cloud. We will check your existing software licensing to make sure that you don’t subscribe again to software which you might already own, and confirm that your hardware and broadband services are fast and reliable enough to support your cloud-based services.

We believe this is best done by meeting you face-to-face, which is why we are delighted to provide our Office 365 services to clients in and around Edinburgh.

Moving our clients to Office 365

For example, a client with four office staff based in Edinburgh found Office 365 to be ideal for communicating with 20 colleagues based around rural parts of Scotland. The Office 365 SharePoint Online service allows multi-site businesses and their staff to communicate seamlessly, collaborate on project work, prepare presentations and distribute meeting papers and minutes to external members of their board.

With Office 365, new email systems can be developed and ready for use at short notice.

One of our clients sold part of their business to their management team. We ensured that the new company had a corporate and professional online identity in place when the management buy-out transaction was completed without needing further investment in their own email server hardware and software.

The very large mailbox capacity and the email archiving facilities offered by Office 365 are particularly appropriate for regulated organisations.

We enabled an email system for a fund management start-up which ensures that all email traffic sent and received is retained for auditing purposes and dispute resolution if required.

In 2014, Excellimore advised a client with over 70 staff to plan for the replacement of an aging email server. The business was already subscribing to email server and user licences and an immediate migration to Office 365 could have resulted in them paying twice for the same service. We ensured that our client was able to give more than a year’s notice for a successful move to the alternative subscription model of Office 365. This avoided the cost of duplicate licensing and replacing the in-house email server.

To find out how your business could benefit from Microsoft Office 365 we would be delighted to give you the benefit of our experience.