How do you find out what technology can do for you and how it can transform your business?

At Excellimore, we work with our clients to deliver the benefits of an in-house IT manager, but with greater experience and at a lower cost.

The experience we have gained working with organisations from many different industries enables us to advise business owners on how best to maximise their IT budgets and introduce technological improvements within their organisations.

Our approach

Our measured and managed approach begins when we introduce a new client to the Excellimore family. In the initial stages of the partnership, the focus is on getting to know each other and during this period we will find out more about your business and technology pains.

Next, we hold a Strategy meeting and present our findings, outline recommendations and budgets. We prioritise issues by risk and urgency into Red, Amber and Green – if something is Red, we believe it really needs our attention!

Going forward, regular IT Strategy meetings are included in our Service Agreements. We will discuss your goals and budgets, and agree the level of input required from us to ensure that your objectives are achieved. Also, we can help you to determine the right approach and manage your budget accordingly.

In addition to regular meetings, we are always available for a chat and to deal with any problems that might crop up. For example, we would expect to be involved in IT planning and provide budgeting advice in relation to the introduction of new business management systems, moving office or opening new locations.

It is usual for us to work with our customers for many years, supporting their people and sytems and helping them to plan and budget for business and technology changes. For example, we introduced integration and greater capacity to a public venue client where systems for the general office, accounts and customer ticketing had all developed separately over time. Now, staff can connect to a single system from anywhere on the premises, one which is capable of accommodating and supporting the seasonal nature of the client’s business.

Please phone us on 0131 476 0000 to find out how our IT management experience can help your organisation develop and grow.