Do you wait too long to get your IT problems fixed and get frustrated when the same problems crop up time after time?

We have always believed that fast and effective IT support is important for everyone in business. We work hard to support our clients and have evolved a unique way of doing business:

  • There’s never any extra cost to call us with a problem or question.
  • If we have to call you back, we guarantee to do it within an hour.
  • When we are working on a support issue, we’ll report back to you within four or eight hours according to your Service Agreement.
  • You can discuss technical issues with anyone from our support team. You will not be kept waiting for one person to become available to speak to you.
  • You will meet our support team in person when they come to your premises for regular Service Visits.
  • As part of your Service Agreement, you’ll have your own Service Manager who will be responsible for delivering the service you need from us.
  • Where action is needed to resolve persistent issues or to prevent more serious problems, your Service Manager will be pro-active in discussing this with you.
  • Your Service Manager will hold regular IT strategy meetings with you to plan and budget for the next two years.

In short, IT support from Excellimore provides effective help and advice from professional, experienced and enthusiastic people – without the worry of technical training or holiday cover.

If you feel it is time your colleagues had an IT support service they can trust, we’d be delighted to talk to you.