When money is tight, how do you make sure your IT budget is used as effectively as possible?

The idea has become reality and it’s time to get your new business off the ground and making money. For the majority of entrepreneurs and company founders however, the initial excitement will soon fade to be replaced by a sobering recognition that difficult choices lie ahead.

Not everything can have a ‘must have’ tag and for start-ups this dilemma is particularly pertinent as cash reserves are stretched and pulled in numerous directions. IT services and computer support are not immune from scrutiny.

The reality for many organisations, including start-up clients of Excellimore, is a pressing need to keep initial IT costs as low as possible, but at the same time to build in capacity for development and improvement as their business grows. With our input, they can achieve this and in doing so establish a degree of flexibility for the future.

However, the relationship is not simply about saving money in those crucial early days. Important as this is, we can play a more significant role in supporting our clients by taking full responsibility for IT systems management, allowing them to concentrate on running their business.

In our hands, IT has the capacity to improve efficiency, reduce risk and drive growth.

By bringing us on board as their technology partner, many start-up companies have benefited from the experience gained running our own business and working with many other clients – the lessons learned, pitfalls to be avoided and, most importantly, understanding how IT can be harnessed to help companies negotiate critical milestones and manage organisational change.

If your business is at this exciting stage and you are looking for someone to bring objectivity and sound reason to your IT discussions, then do get in touch with us.