Cloud  computing is now part of our everyday language, but can you be really sure you know what it means? And how will you find out what it could do for your business?

We’ve been working with the various permutations of cloud computing since 2009 and have taken a lot of care to find out what works and establish the real costs. Because we only do what’s in the best interests of our clients, you are assured an unbiased opinion – one which is right for your circumstances.

Putting the slick marketing promises to one side, usually we find one of three things:

  • There are some technology services which should be placed on the cloud primarily because clients benefit from better security and industry standard data centres than they could afford to implement themselves.
  • Secondly, there are some applications and services which simply cannot be moved to the cloud – usually for technical reasons. For example, a software application might need a faster response than than can be delivered by even the speediest broadband services. Most EPOS systems fall into this category because the barcode scanner, prices database and till & card terminal all need to be connected directly.
  • Most commonly, the answer is not crystal clear and the right solution must be found by a detailed analysis of the client’s requirements and objectives. At Excellimore, we will talk directly to your software and other suppliers to understand their systems and uncover the true cost of cloud hosting. Sometimes, the cloud may not represent the best economic solution in the short-term, but would become so over the next few years. We can accommodate this by building an on-premises infrastructure which will allow a seamless migration to cloud hosting when the time is right.

To lift the fog around cloud computing, contact us now for a weather forecast tailored to your precise needs.