Delivering Our Service

We work in a challenging and competitive industry and provide a service that is fundamentally important to our clients.

However, when we speak to people in business typically we hear about the same two frustrations with technology service companies.

The first irritation is slow response, both in returning calls and providing updates on progress with problems.

The second frustration is an absence of proactive technology advice. This is especially annoying when the adviser’s agenda is to make a sale rather than to give an honest opinion.

Experience has taught us how to put the solutions to these challenges at the very core of our customer service.

Each of our clients has their own Service Manager to look after their technology and services. We work hard to get to know you, be available when you need us, and give you the assistance you want.

We don’t hide behind the telephone. We introduce you to our technicians in person so that you know who you’re speaking to.

Our computer support clients each have a Service Agreement which includes all phone calls and remote support.

We want you to call us promptly because that means we help you more quickly. Because it doesn’t cost extra you can call us whenever you need to.

All calls and emails to us are logged and acknowledged back to you within one hour. You are kept up-to-date on your project or problem, and we’ll ask if you’re happy with the outcome before we all agree the matter is complete.

We always give our clients a fixed cost for any technology projects. This means that you know what we’ll do, when we’ll do it, and how much it will cost before we start.

Our Technical Team researches and tests new products and services. We hold regular technical reviews to keep us up to speed on developments and innovations which could benefit our clients.

Planning Ahead
Your Service Manager will meet you on a regular basis. We can give you the best support and advice when you’re able to share your ideas with us.

We help you plan ahead to improve services for your own customers and staff. This means better decisions are taken now because we all have your longer-term goals in mind.

Your Service Manager is an experienced IT technician not a sales person. Clients tell us they like dealing with us because we are there to help them plan and budget for their technology rather than meet sales targets.

If this sounds like a service you want to talk to us about, we’re all ears.