Are you certain that you comply with your professional body’s IT requirements?  Do you feel caught between compliance and cost?

At Excellimore, we are familiar with your dilemma. Guidelines for IT security, data backup and retention, and acceptable use policies often use language like “appropriate” and “reasonable”. However, as someone with professional standing in your own field, it’s perhaps neither appropriate nor reasonable to expect you to know how to approach IT governance and compliance for your firm.

Most professional institutions (the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland, the Law Society of Scotland, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and others) have good practice guidelines available to their membership. These guidelines aim to ensure that members adhere to professional standards in their business systems as well as in their professional engagements.

As information sharing becomes the norm it is ever more important to have secure and reliable systems, together with clear standards for the staff who use them. However, it might not be clear which IT systems, software, and user practices are essential for peace of mind and which are less relevant to your size of firm and area of business.

For example, you’ll have read a lot about cloud computing in recent years. While there may be benefits in moving your IT services to the cloud, this will mean that management is even less tangible than before. Careful questioning of service providers may be needed to confirm what is being offered and whether it is suitable for your circumstances.

Excellimore is well placed to work with you to plan and manage your IT needs. With over 16 years’ experience in IT for professional services firms we will:

  • discuss, advise, and plan to confirm your IT needs and budgets
  • question and confirm the compliance sought by your professional body
  • benchmark their suggested approach against other firms in similar circumstances
  • deliver costed recommendations to you
  • discuss and agree a plan to achieve, document, and maintain your agreed IT standards

Please contact us to discuss how we can deliver the technology assurance and cost control you require.