Could you deliver better services if you had better technology? Are the potential costs a barrier to you moving forward?

If your answer to either question is yes, then three recent changes in the technology business might be of interest to you.

The first is the availability of technology software and services from donors at no or very low cost.

The second innovation is the promise of faster broadband, massive storage and easy-to-use applications from cloud computing. Even if high performance and resilience are not critical to your organisation just now, faster time-to-value probably is. In other words, you can achieve more with fewer resources when you rent your services rather than building them from scratch.

The third major change is financial.

Many systems and services are now available on a subscription basis which avoids the dreaded fund-build-love-tolerate-hate-fund-replace technology tango. By adopting the subscription model, many new services will become available to you. Other than planned hardware replacement every three years or so, there is no need to put up with failing technology while you seek longer-term project funding.

We have extensive experience helping arts and third sector organisations develop better technology and services in a planned and affordable manner.

We helped one major client select the right combination of capital project and subscription services to reflect its goals and resources. As a result, this client is now supported by reliable and resilient data servers, can connect reliably to cloud services for email and communicate consistently across the organisation.

And did we mention that we manage and support Apple Macs as well as Microsoft Windows machines? Mac lovers are a loyal breed and we are on hand to support them too. We deliver the same enthusiastic management support irrespective of our clients’ technology allegiance. In fact, often we are asked to integrate the two systems to give clients the benefits of Microsoft’s lower cost technology where the media-friendly Apple approach might not be necessary.

To move towards the technology your organisation deserves, speak with us now to explore the possibilities.