Axiom Implements DFS to Improve File Visibility, File Sharing & Communications, and Save Money by Utilising Technology They Already Own.

Axiom Project Services Ltd provide project and cost management services across all market sectors of the built environment in the UK. They are headquartered in Edinburgh, and have an additional site in Glasgow.

The Challenge

Although the two sites work relatively independently, Axiom PSL were finding that there was a considerable cross-over in some of the files they were working on; they believed it would be advantageous to share core business files across both sites in a way that was easily accessible and that would provide up-to-date versions to each office. The files did not need to be accessed by anyone outside the two offices.

The Solution

Axiom PSL engaged Excellimore to consider the challenge and explore options.

As a Microsoft Partner, Excellimore are aware of the often unexploited potential of Windows server deployments, in this case windows Server 20102 R2. One of these often neglected but powerful roles/services that is provided is the Distributed File System (DFS). After considering a number of possible solutions, Excellimore was able to advise Axiom PSL on the benefits, and importantly the limitations, of the various options, and following discussion it was concluded the DFS solution would provide the functionality and flexibility that was being sought.

What’s more, the company already had access to this technology and it would cost them no more than the time involved for installation and configuration.

The Successful Outcome

The DFS solution was:
• cost effective: no additional licensing charges, so the service would only require time for configuration
• secure: inasmuch as the data would never leave the network and audit trails could be followed
• familiar: folder structure is accessed through mapped drives
• transparent: the synchronisation mechanism works on the servers in the background, ensuring updates on any one site are replicated to the other

DFS continues to be the highly effective solution that Axiom PSL were looking for. It produces the controlled access to updated documents at each office that is required, without the need for further training or the expense of purchasing new software and in fact returns even more value on software they have already purchased.