Office 365 OneDrive for Business (Part 2)

In my previous article, "Office 365 OneDrive for Business", I described the development and history of One Drive for Business.  In this article, I will go onto detail some of the One Drive for Business basic features.

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Office 365 OneDrive for Business

In my last blog, “Office 365, More than just email”, I discussed some of my top favourite features of Microsoft’s Office 365 platform.   I had briefly touched on the history of Office 365 and how I use some of the tools and features the platform is known for.

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Reasons for Server Virtualisation


The ability to user server virtualisation technology has been around in the IT industry for over a decade now, however for a lot of people this is still viewed as a relatively new technology.  It could be argued that for most technicians who have been involved in server virtualisation, its viewed as a technology that they would now not want to live without and indeed for many there is the opinion that there is no going back to a completely physical world.

This article will list 5 great reasons for using a server virtualisation for your computing environment.

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