Office 365 Myths Debunked

Office 365 is a solution that benefits many businesses.

If you are considering migrating to Office 365 as a way to move into the world of cloud computing, but are hesitating because of conflicting information you’ve heard about it, read on.

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Office 365 - More than just Email

When you mention Office 365 to office staff who are vaguely aware of its existence, the first thing that usually comes to mind is email. The main reason is most people only ever have contact with Office 365 as an email system delivered through Outlook on their Desktop or Outlook Web App.

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Angela Grossart
20th June 2016

Using Sage Line 50

Sitting on the bus one Friday night on my way home from work I realised why people around me were looking at me. Yes, it was my mobile telephone. To them it was something out of the dark ages even though it was only about three years old, to me it did what I required it to do.

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