Email Security Advice for Business

You can't have failed to notice the volume of malicious, spam, or phishing emails being received now. We're seeing increased prevalence of malicious messages and attachments landing in some users mailboxes accross our clients and this is typical of reports from the wider IT industry. Here is some sensible advice for your staff to follow when handling email.

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Could Xero be the new accounting system for you?

As a successful and growing company within the ever changing world of IT, we are currently exploring the various finance packages that are now on offer within the market place. Here at Excellimore it is not only the frontline staff who help keep us at the forefront of cutting edge technology: all our staff are dedicated to delivering the best service we can for our clients.

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Server Migration

Performing a server migration is a complex job, one which is likely to fill you with some apprehension and of course there are quite a few hurdles and potential issues to take into consideration before commencing a job such as this.  However, planned out carefully, a server migration can be done without any downtime and with minimum disruption to your end users and can also be an opportunity to build a more robust architecture for future improvements and scalability.  The simplest server migration is where you migrate from one dedicated server to another, however there are also scenarios where you may be performing a server migration from one, single, dedicated server to a clustered architecture which would provide redundancy to your network.

This article will discuss the main points when faced with a server migration, but will not go into the detailed technical steps in any great depth.

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