What to do when your iPhone is lost or stolen

Recently I was unlucky enough to have my iPhone stolen. As you can imagine, it’s a horrible experience to have such a personal (and expensive) item taken. Here are the five actions I took immediately when I learned that it was gone.


Step 1:

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Backup Considerations (Part 2)

Okay, so you can count yourself amongst the more enlightened readers. You have made the decision that you want your data backed up. You acknowledge that having a backup strategy in place is not going to generate income but you know that without having it there, you can’t sleep at night for fear of losing all your company’s data due to some of those circumstances mentioned in the preceding blog. You have been assured that you have backup by your IT provider and that’s that then…or is it?

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Backup Considerations (Part 1)

There would be few exceptions if I were to make the bold assertion that every business large or small relies, to greater or lesser extent, on the availability of the information they hold electronically on their computers or servers within company networks, workgroups, single PCs or based “in the cloud”.

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